Sorghum Yield Contest

Go For 250

The Sorghum Checkoff is an elite supporter and sponsor of the National Sorghum Producers Yield Contest. This contest provides sorghum farmers with the opportunity to showcase their sorghum crop, while competing with farmers from across the nation. Not only does the yield contest allow for the opportunity to recognize some of the best growers in the U.S., it also helps farmers grow and learn from one another.

In 2014, the National Sorghum Producers set a yield goal of 250 bushels per acre or more to illustrate sorghum's yield potential. To aid in the quest for 250 bushels per acre, the Sorghum Checkoff has assisted in providing incentives via awards to growers who reach the new benchmark.

Contestants who successfully reach the 250 bushel mark will receive:

truck prize


1st place

Three-year truck lease
(Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet or Toyota)

atv prize


2nd place

All-terrain vehicle

lawnmower prize


3rd place

Riding lawn mower

2015 National Winners

Jim Boehlke

Conventional-Till Irrigated, Jim Boehlke - Bell-Key Farms
Idaho, Canyon County, 237.93 bu/ac, Pioneer 85Y40

Santino Santini, Jr.

Conventional-Till Non-Irrigated, Santino Santini, Jr.
New Jersey, Warren County, 188.73 bu/ac, Pioneer 84P72

Chris Santini

Double Crop Irrigated, Chris Santini
New Jersey, Warren County, 183 bu/ac, DEKALB DKS37-07

Robert Hoffines, Jr.

Double Crop Non-Irrigated, Robert Hoffines, Jr.
Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, 172.13 bu/ac, Pioneer 85Y40

Robert Santini, Jr.

Mulch-Till Non-Irrigated, Robert Santini, Jr.
New Jersey, Warren County, 198.08 bu/ac, Pioneer 84G62

Harrison Rigdon

No-Till Non-Irrigated, Rigdon Farms
Maryland, Harford County, 239.86 bu/ac, Pioneer 84G62

Not pictured: Reduced-Till Irrigated, Ki Gamble
Kansas, Kiowa County, 233.39 bu/ac, Pioneer 84G62