Sorghum Uses Internationally


Beef/Dairy Production

  • Sorghum has a longstanding use in cattle production.
  • Studies indicate similar production performance when sorghum is processed properly.
  • Sorghum fits well as a reliable ingredient in cattle diets.
  • Sorghum has comparable energy content.
  • Forage sorghum serves as a valuable feed ingredient.

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Swine Production

  • Grain sorghum and sorghum DDGS provide an excellent opportunity for swine producers and feed suppliers to lower feed costs.
  • Sorghum requires less supplemental inorganic phosphorus than corn.
  • Sorghum has successfully been used in swine bound for international marketplaces with no adverse effect. In fact, pork products raised with sorghum have satisfied the most product-conscious consumers in Japan and Europe.

For more detailed information regarding swine nutrition, please see our livestock feeding guides

Poultry Production

  • Sorghum can be used as a primary ingredient with few changes in other ingredients.
  • The digestibility of crude protein in sorghum was higher than corn in past research trials.
  • It is possible to process sorghum to improve the availability of nutrients.

For more detailed information regarding poultry nutrition, please see our livestock feeding guides

Renewables Industry

  • Sorghum maintains similar ethanol yields to other feedstocks.
  • Sorghum can qualify as an advanced biofuel feedstock.
  • Sorghum provides high quality distillers grains that serve the livestock industry.
  • Sorghum serves as a versatile grain, biomass or sugar feedstock.

Exciting New Sorghum Uses

  • There are extensive new consumer food products available on grocery store shelves, including niche and mainstream brands.
  • Sorghum has potential health benefits.
  • Sorghum is used as a feed ingredient in a number of pet food brands and is now researching its use in aquaculture.
  • Sorghum is also a component of packing peanuts, loose fill insulation and many other products with the opportunity for many more.