Strong Export Demand as Current Marketing Year Nearing End

With the current marketing year coming to a close, the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service indicated total commitments of U.S. grain sorghum destined for export have reached 190.8 million bushels.

China has proven to be a strong contender for U.S. sorghum through their purchasing patterns throughout the current marketing year, ending Aug. 31, 2014. In fact, according to the USDA FAS July 17 report, China made their largest weekly purchase since entering the market with 11.5 million bushels.

As of Aug. 1, China has committed to a total of 171 million bushels of U.S. grain sorghum for the current marketing year, representing 89 percent of U.S. sorghum exports.

“Export sales are critical in maintaining and building demand,” said Florentino Lopez, executive director of the Sorghum Checkoff. “This kind of activity shows the strengthening of the sorghum industry. Both the new and returning international customers of U.S. sorghum, as well as the consistent buyers like Mexico and Japan, create positive market opportunities for farmers.”

Export demand is also reaching into the new marketing year, which begins Sept. 1. Total commitments for the new marketing year total 38.1 million bushels, of which, 28.8 million bushels are represented by China.

“Our mission as a checkoff is to help build farmer profitability and enhance the sorghum industry,” Lopez said. “International markets play a major role in achieving this mission. We must work to continue fostering relationships with international grain buyers to promote the value of U.S. sorghum abroad."