Sorghum Bi-Weekly Crop Update - May 26

GrowingSorghum (2) By:Kayla Wilkins, Communications Intern

The latest USDA crop update released May 19, 2015, indicated 38 percent of the nation’s grain sorghum has been planted, close behind last year and equivalent to the 5-year average. The two leading  sorghum producing states, Texas and Kansas, are still behind average in planting progress. 

 TEXAS  South Texas is done planting aside from very few acres that are delayed because of rainfall. Regions in south Texas received over seven inches of rain last week. Producers across other parts of  the state are still busy planting grain sorghum acres. Texas as a whole is 71 percent done planting grain sorghum acres, down seven percent from the 5-year average. The cash price for grain sorghum in  Levelland, Texas, is $3.75 per bushel.

 KANSAS – Most areas across Kansas have received plenty of rain over the past couple of weeks. Although planting across the state is behind, Al Tiemeyer of Cheney, Kansas, said his planted grain  sorghum is progressing well. He expects more producers will get in the field to finish planting when it dries up from recent rainfall. The new crop bid at Tiemeyer’s local elevator is $3.70 per bushel and  old crop is $3.92.

 OKLAHOMA  Oklahoma is 49 percent planted as of the latest report, 15 percent over last year and 19 percent over the 5-year average. Some regions in Oklahoma have received more than three inches  of rainfall in the past week. The new crop bid for grain sorghum this week in Enid, Oklahoma, is $3.97 per bushel.

 NEW MEXICO – The excessive rainfall in most parts of New Mexico has delayed planting but producers are excited about the recent rain. Matt Lansford of Clovis, New Mexico, said they are optimistic  about the rainfall and planting ahead. Most producers will begin planting at the start of June, weather permitting. The basis for grain sorghum state-wide has held steady this week.

NEBRASKA  According to Duane Vorderstraussee of New Orleans, Nebraska, most producers are finishing planting soybeans and should begin planting grain sorghum acres next week. Most areas in Nebraska have received steady rainfall over the past couple of weeks, keeping producers positive. The old crop bid in Edison, Nebraska, is 30 cents over corn and new crop bids are holding at 30 cents over corn, as well.

SOUTH DAKOTA – South Dakota grain sorghum is 11 percent planted, up 6 percent from the 5-year average. However, Jerry Van Zee of Platte, South Dakota, said he only has 100 acres left to plant on his operation. Regions across the state received more than four inches of rain in the last week and the forecast predicts more in the coming week. Because of a freeze in northern South Dakota this past week, there were more failed wheat acres. Van Zee predicts most producers will put those acres into grain sorghum. Old crop bids at the local elevator were 60 cents over corn this week.

DELTA – Areas across the Delta have received little rainfall in the past two weeks but are ahead of planting based on last year’s average. Illinois is up 13 percent from last year’s planting average with 26 percent planted as of the latest report. Arkansas is 85 percent planted, and Louisiana is 97 percent planted. The new crop bid for grain sorghum this week in Mound City, Illinois, is $4.27 per bushel.

MID-ATLANTIC – Regions across the Mid-Atlantic have not started planting yet. Although some areas of North Carolina received plentiful rainfall last week, most regions across the state received very little. Producers are gearing up to start planting throughout the month of June.

SOUTHEAST – Some producers across Alabama are 100 percent done planting grain sorghum acres. Producers in other states across the Southeast have yet to begin planting. Carlton Bridgeforth of Tanner, Alabama, said the weather has been sunny with light rains periodically over the past two weeks in his region. In Decatur, Alabama, new crop bids are $4.19 per bushel, 39 cents over the basis.