Sorghum Bi-Weekly Crop Update - June 11

2014_06_17_ZEST_STX2By:Kayla Wilkins, Communications Intern

The latest USDA crop update released June 9, 2015, indicated 56 percent of the nation’s grain sorghum has been planted, close behind last year and 12 points behind the 5-year average.

TEXAS – The state of Texas is 82 percent done planting grain sorghum acres. Danny Beyer of Odem, Texas, said the south Texas area has received the most rain he has ever seen in most recent weeks. The increased moisture in the soil is predicted to cause a late harvest, around early August. A combination of excessive rainfall and insect pressure pose a challenge for producers in the region. Beyer said they are anticipating harvesting a third less sorghum than average across the coastal bend.

According to Mike Henson of Ropesville, Texas, crops are progressing well in regions across West Texas despite excessive rainfall last month. Early planted sorghum is standing and most producers are optimistic about harvest in the coming months. The cash price for grain sorghum in Levelland, Texas, is $3.77 per bushel.

KANSAS – Regions across Kansas are continuing planting until the early part of July. To date, 11 percent of the state’s grain sorghum acres are planted. Some early-planted sorghum has begun to emerge, and Al Tiemeyer of Cheney, Kansas, said the coming months look good for producers throughout Kansas. Tiemeyer’s cash price for grain sorghum at his local elevator is $3.85 per bushel for old crop sorghum and $3.73 for new crop sorghum.

OKLAHOMA – Oklahoma is 57 percent done planting, and producers are busy completing planting grain sorghum acres state-wide. The state has received little rain over the past couple of weeks, but soil moisture is still adequate. The cash price for grain sorghum this week across the state has held steady.

NEW MEXICO – Areas across New Mexico have received plentiful rainfall recently, as much as eight inches in some areas last week. In turn, Matt Lansford of Clovis, New Mexico, said the ground is too saturated for some producers to continue planting. The state is 55 percent planted and most farmers plan to get back into the field later this week to complete planting by the end of the month. The price for grain sorghum at Lansford’s local elevator is holding steady with a positive basis.

NEBRASKA – Nebraska is 54 percent complete planting grain sorghum acres. Duane Vorderstraussee of New Orleans, Nebraska, said some sorghum has emerged and is doing well. There has been adequate rainfall across the state, keeping soil moisture at a desirable percentage. The basis for grain sorghum across Nebraska remains positive.

SOUTH DAKOTA – There has been adequate rainfall across regions in South Dakota partnered with a desirable amount of soil moisture. Producers are in good shape to continue planting. The state is 32 percent completed planting grain sorghum acres as indicated by the USDA crop update.

DELTA – Producers across the Delta regions are close to completing planting grain sorghum acres. According to John Williams of southern Illinois, rainfall has been adequate and producers are looking forward to a successful harvest in the coming months. Louisiana is 99 percent planted, leading the area in acres planted, Arkansas is 91 percent planted, Missouri is 40 percent planted and Illinois is 60 percent complete. The price for grain sorghum across the delta has held steady the past two weeks.

“We have a good standard of grain sorghum everywhere,” Williams said. “It all came up good; we have had good moisture all year. The sorghum has a good stand, and it looks beautiful.”

MID-ATLANTIC – Most areas across the Mid-Atlantic are finishing planting sorghum acres. Johnnie Tyndall of Deep Run, North Carolina, said they have had adequate rainfall and although temperatures have been slightly cooler than average, things are looking positive for producers throughout the region. The basis for grain sorghum this week remains positive.

SOUTHEAST – Producers have been experiencing a desirable amount of rainfall across all areas of the Southeast. Planting across the area is complete, aside from a few areas, and producers are looking forward to a plentiful harvest. The price for grain sorghum has remained steady.