Sorghum Bi-Weekly Crop Update - July 10

The latest USDA crop update released July 7, 2015, indicated 97 percent of the nation’s grain sorghum has been planted, slightly behind the 5-year average. Heading was 24 percent complete by July 5 and harvest has begun in some areas of South Texas. As a whole, 67 percent of the sorghum crop was reported good to excellent, six percentage points better than last year at this time.

TEXAS – Texas is 99 percent completed planting grain sorghum, 56 percent of which is headed. Producers across the southern regions of the state have begun harvest on irrigated sorghum this week and will continue harvest into next week.  Danny Beyer of Odem, Texas, said early planted sorghum currently being harvested is achieving impressive yields, as high as 125 bushel on small blocks. Despite lower ground being saturated by earlier rains, Beyer said the sorghum crop across the coastal bend is progressing well. Overall, 63 percent of grain sorghum across the state is in good to excellent condition and producers are optimistic for high yields.

KANSAS – Areas across Kansas are near completion for grain sorghum planting. Producers are 98 percent finished planting to-date. Al Tiemeyer of Cheney, Kansas, said they have experienced heavy rainfall state-wide this week and soil moisture is excellent. Because of sporadic rainfalls in the spring, sorghum across the state is at many different stages of growth, and Tiemeyer expects a long harvest. Harvest in some parts of the state should start in late August or early September and producers are looking forward to a plentiful crop. To date, 67 percent of sorghum acres were reported in good to excellent condition.

OKLAHOMA – Oklahoma is 91 percent completed planting grain sorghum and 8 percent is headed. Marty Williams of Ainsworth, Oklahoma, said regions across Oklahoma were lacking rainfall, causing challenges for the sorghum crop, but fortunately many producers experienced rainfall in the past week. 76 percent of sorghum acres state-wide were rated good to excellent this week. Producers are expecting a long harvest starting in late August and spanning through November, weather permitting. Williams is anticipating high yields across the state, comparable to last year.

NEW MEXICO – Producers across New Mexico are 99 percent finished planting grain sorghum. The state has experienced plentiful rainfall the past two weeks, leaving many fields saturated. 83 percent of grain sorghum acres across New Mexico are in good to excellent condition. Matt Lansford of Clovis, New Mexico, said he anticipates pests and weeds posing a challenge for producers in the coming months because of the increased rainfall. In spite of that, he predicts higher yields than last year on his farm.  The state is excellent on soil moisture and producers are anxious for a good year in sorghum fields.

NEBRASKA – Nebraska planting is 99 percent complete. Areas across the state have received some rainfall, leaving soil moisture high. 68 percent of sorghum acres are in good to excellent condition and producers are looking forward to a plentiful harvest.

SOUTH DAKOTA –South Dakota is 86 percent planted, and one percent of that is headed. Regions across the state have been receiving steady rainfall. Jerry Van Zee of Platte, South Dakota, said if the rain continues, producers are in store for a bumper crop. Overall, 73 percent of sorghum in the state is rated good to excellent.

DELTA – Producers across the Delta are excited about the opportunity for increased yields this year. Illinois is 88 percent planted, Missouri is 72 percent planted and both Louisiana and Arkansas are finished planting. Louisiana is 85 percent headed, Arkansas is 53 percent headed, Illinois is 8 percent headed and Missouri is 5 percent headed. John Williams of southern Illinois said they have been experiencing more than adequate rainfall, already six inches over average rainfall for the year on his farm. Sorghum is progressing well and Williams said if weather permits, his farm may be ahead of schedule for harvest. Overall, 48 percent of sorghum acres in Illinois, 39 percent of sorghum in Missouri, 80 percent of sorghum acres in Arkansas and 50 percent of sorghum acres in Louisiana were rated in good to excellent condition.

MID-ATLANTIC – Unlike many other regions, Johnnie Tyndall of Deep Run, North Carolina, said his area is dry. Producers have experienced minimal rainfall in the past couple of weeks, but the sorghum crop is progressing well. Tyndall said they are optimistic about the upcoming harvest.



West Memphis:

$7.7325 cwt

Old Town/Elaine:

$8.8025 cwt

Little Rock:

$8.4475 cwt       


$4.8300-$4.8800 cwt     

KANSAS CASH BIDS             

Dodge City:

$7.39 cwt


$7.91 cwt

Garden City:

$7.55 cwt


$7.68 cwt


$7.55 cwt

Scott City:

$7.55 cwt


$7.61-$7.64 cwt


$7.91 cwt


$7.46 cwt 


Kansas City:

$7.82-$8.16 cwt

St. Louis:

$8.63 cwt


$7.02 cwt


$6.66 cwt

Golden City:

$6.66 cwt


$5.57 cwt

Cape Girardeau:

$7.86 cwt


$7.91 cwt 



$7.91 cwt

Beatrice, Dorchester, Plymouth:

$7.82 cwt


$7.57 cwt


$7.46 cwt

Grand Island:

$7.38 cwt


$7.29 cwt 


$7.56-$7.92 cwt  



$7.29 cwt


$7.46 cwt

Keyes: $7.55 cwt


$7.66 cwt


$7.70 cwt

Ponca City:

$7.77 cwt

Weatherford:$7.95 cwt

TEXAS Cash Bids               

Texas Midday bids:

$10.7675-$10.8575 cwt

Area North of the Canadian River:

$7.82 – $8.18 cwt

Triangle Area from Plainview to Canyon to Farwell:

$7.56 – $7.91 cwt

Area South of a Line from Plainview to Muleshoe:

$7.82 – $8.02 cwt

*Prices are provided by the Agriculture Marketing Service.