Sorghum: A Prize Winner in Your Kitchen

By: Kayla Wilkins, Communications Intern

Pam Correll
As the timer rang, Pam Correll pulled her granola out of the oven. Pearled grain sorghum, oats, pepitas and almonds shimmered from the glaze of sorghum syrup. Adding in the remaining ingredients  ?  popped sorghum, dried cranberries and coconut chips  ?  little did Correll know she was creating an award-winning recipe.

A native of Brockport, Pennsylvania, Correll's winning recipe, Triple Sorghum Granola, took grand prize in the first ever Sorghum Recipe Showdown and is sure to become a hit in your kitchen.

Corell said in all her years of culinary experience, cooking with sorghum was a new and exciting venture for her.

“I just think sorghum is so versatile,” Correll said. “You can use it for most anything  ?  breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks  ?  any time of day.”

The decision to utilize sorghum in granola was not an idea that arrived easily for Correll. She first experimented with many recipe possibilities that did not quite fit the bill for her vision. After plenty of contemplation, Correll said she knew sorghum had the perfect qualities to complement ingredients typically used in granola.

“I made the granola, and it came out perfect the first time,” Correll said. “I was really excited about being able to use all three types of sorghum I had available in one recipe.”

Correll's passion for formulating new and unique recipes dates back to her childhood. Like many, Correll said she grew up experimenting in the kitchen with her mother, leaving her with a lifelong love for creating new dishes. Now she uses this passion in her career as a food and consumer science teacher and when cooking with her family.

“I have always had a great role model at home [mom] and a deep passion for cooking from the start,” Correll said.

During Correll’s quest to cook with sorghum for the first time, she realized purchasing sorghum in her rural area was a challenge. Because of this, she ended up ordering a large case of sorghum from a small country store capable of ordering bulk foods. She said although she did not anticipate acquiring such a large quantity of sorghum, she is glad she did because she is now free to continue experimenting in her kitchen with the grain.

As Correll experienced with her granola, sorghum can be prepared in many ways and she said she is intrigued by sorghum's versatility. Correll said she is anxious to continue cooking with sorghum and sharing her new-found excitement with her friends.

“I would encourage people to find sorghum and try some different things in their kitchen,” Correll said. "Often times I share with other people when I make a fun dish or invite them over for dinner, but I really encourage them to try it at home.”

With a newfound, yet deep interest in sorghum thanks to the Sorghum Recipe Showdown, it is a new staple in Correll's kitchen and she hopes more consumers learn about the nutritional qualities and diversity of sorghum.

“I really think sorghum is on the cuff of becoming popular and trendy if we can get enough people to find out about it,” Correll said. “I am really excited about sorghum.”

As the winner of this year’s Sorghum Recipe Showdown, Correll will receive a $500 cash prize. Find her winning recipe and others on and follow us on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with the latest sorghum recipes and information.