Sorghum Bi-Weekly Crop Update – Sept. 3

The latest USDA crop update released September 1, 2015, indicated 95 percent of the nation’s grain sorghum is at or beyond the heading stage, 58 percent of which is at the coloring stage and 29 percent of the crop is mature. Harvest has begun across portions of the southern Great Plains and the Mississippi Delta. Those producers have harvested 15 percent of the nation’s crop thus far. As a whole, 68 percent of the sorghum crop was reported to be in good to excellent condition, 11 percentage points better than last year at this time.


TEXAS – Most areas across South Texas have completed harvest. Danny Beyer of Odem, Texas, said some acres that experienced extensive water damage early in the season fell short in yield as compared to other fields. Harvest in the northern regions of the state will begin this week. Overall, 96 percent of Texas grain sorghum acres are headed and 74 percent are coloring. Sixty-four percent of acres are at the mature state and producers have harvested 49 percent of the acres to date.  Statewide, 67 percent of sorghum is in good to excellent condition.


KANSAS – Sorghum in Kansas is progressing well. Ninety-six percent of sorghum acres are headed, 47 percent of which are coloring and 2 percent have reached maturity. Al Tiemeyer of Cheney, Kansas, said sorghum is at all stages statewide, but producers are beginning to test cut some fields this week. Cheney indicated temperatures have increased, there has been a lack of rainfall statewide and some producers have been experiencing pest pressure. Even so, 69 percent of sorghum acres were reported to be in good to excellent condition.


OKLAHOMA – Oklahoma sorghum is 92 percent headed, 51 percent of which is coloring. Since 16 percent of the crop has matured, producers have begun harvest. This week, 79 percent of sorghum acres were rated good to excellent.


NEW MEXICO – Seventy-nine percent of grain sorghum acres are headed to date, 13 percent of which have reached the coloring stage. There has been minimal rainfall statewide the past two weeks, but overall, 89 percent of sorghum acres are in good to excellent condition.


NEBRASKA – Nebraska sorghum has completed heading and 43 percent of acres are coloring. Duane Vorderstraussee of New Orleans, Nebraska, said the conditions have been ideal for a bumper crop this year. Seventy-three percent of sorghum was reported in good to excellent condition.


SOUTH DAKOTA – South Dakota is 95 percent headed, 51 percent of which is coloring. Two percent of acres have reached maturity, and Jerry Van Zee of Platte, South Dakota, said there has been adequate rainfall to successfully finish the sorghum crop. Van Zee said producers are in store for high yields and harvest will begin at the beginning of October. The latest report indicated 72 percent of sorghum was rated good to excellent.


DELTA – Illinois is 92 percent headed, 73 percent of which is coloring and 5 percent has matured. With 13 percent crop maturity, farmers in Missouri have begun harvesting. The remaining acres are 95 percent headed and 65 percent coloring. Sorghum acres in Louisiana have completed heading and 95 percent mature. Producers have harvested 79 percent of Louisiana grain sorghum acres. Arkansas is past the heading stage, 97 percent of sorghum has reached the coloring stage and 78 percent of which is mature. Producers across Arkansas have harvested 36 percent of sorghum to date. Overall, 44 percent of sorghum acres in Illinois, 48 percent of sorghum in Missouri, 75 percent of sorghum acres in Arkansas and 50 percent of sorghum acres in Louisiana were rated in good to excellent condition.




West Memphis:$6.4725 cwt

Helena: $6.5625 cwt

Old Town/Elaine: $6.4725 cwt

Osceola: $6.4550 cwt

Augusta: $5.4725 cwt

Pine Bluff: $5.9375 cwt

Little Rock $6.2050 cwt 

KANSAS CASH BIDS             

Dodge City: $5.84 cwt

Colby: $5.95 cwt

Garden City: $5.70-$5.86 cwt

Goodland:   $6.02 cwt

Protection: $5.82 cwt

Scott City: $5.61-$5.64 cwt

Sublette:$5.66-$5.91 cwt

Syracuse:$5.61 cwt

Ulysses:$5.79 cwt

Topeka:$6.05 cwt

Concordia:$5.79 cwt

Salina: $6.05 cwt

Newton:$5.34 cwt

Hutchinson:$5.43-$6.02 cwt

Wellington:$5.73 cwt

Arkansas City:$5.64 cwt 


Kansas City:$5.87-$5.96 cwt

St. Louis:$6.23-$6.58 cwt

Marshall:$5.69 cwt

Lamar:$5.69 cwt

Golden City:$5.35 cwt

Cape Girardeau:$6.03 cwt

Dudley:$5.33 cwt 


Superior, Hastings:$5.70 cwt

Beatrice, Dorchester, Grand Island, Plymouth:$5.64 cwt

McCook:$5.93 cwt 


$5.79-$6.23 cwt


Shattuck:$5.88 cwt

Hooker:$5.86 cwt

Medford:$5.79 cwt

Keyes: $5.66 cwt

Manchester:$5.79 cwt

Buffalo:$5.77 cwt

Alva:$5.77 cwt

Ponca City:$5.79 cwt

Weatherford:$5.52 cwt

Eldorado:$5.36 cwt

TEXAS CASH BIDS               

Texas Midday bids:$7.4550-7.6350 cwt

Area North of the Canadian River:$5.82 – $6.44 cwt

Triangle Area from Plainview to Canyon to Farwell:$5.70 – $6.14 cwt

Area South of a Line from Plainview to Muleshoe:$5.70 – $6.23 cwt

*Prices are provided by the Agriculture Marketing Service.