Mexican Team Visits Sorghum Operations in the U.S.

Sorghum Checkoff staff assisted the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) hosting a team of 10 Mexican sorghum buyers throughout regions of Texas and Kansas June 18-22. The Mexican trade team was comprised of feed millers, grain traders and livestock producers involved in various industries such as cattle, swine, poultry and pet food, all members of the National Association of Food Manufacturers for Animal Consumption (ANFACA). With the help of Texas Grain Sorghum Association and Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission, the team was able to tour sorghum farms and suppliers, feed mills, elevators, a rail facility, an ethanol plant and the Port of Houston. 

The group started their visit in Texas at Sorghum Checkoff board director Jim Massey's farm where the group met with elevator managers and area producers. They also met with Sorghum Checkoff animal nutrition director Kim McCuistion, Ph.D., for a Q&A session over sorghum's feeding value and toured several other farms, facilities and ports. After the Texas portion of the trip, the group spent the remaining days in Kansas where they toured various farms and a visited the International Grains Program Institute (IGP) of Kansas State University and an ethanol plant.   

"While Mexico has not been the primary buyer of grain sorghum in the past few years, they remain a very viable and important market to our growers as various trade issues come and go,” said Wayne Cleveland, Executive Director of Texas Grain Sorghum Producers Board. “It is of great importance that we continue to provide educational as well as purchasing opportunities as trade agreements are being vetted. Mexico understands the importance of the nutritional benefits of feeding grain sorghum into their rations and are keen buyers of feed stuffs. They are a very developed market for our grain and we are providing the opportunity for them to make further purchases.”

Educating international markets on the value of sorghum can lead to a greater use of U.S. sorghum abroad.The mutual goal is to see relationships continue to strengthen as a result of this effort by USGC and the Sorghum Checkoff. The country of Mexico accounted for $103 million in exports of U.S. sorghum, equating to 568,254 metric tons (22.4 million bushels), during the 2016-2017 marketing year. Mexico remains one of the chief importers of U.S. sorghum, only second to China in purchases.

“Creating new investment opportunities will always have a positive impact, which may transcend from simply 'doing business', entailing growth, creation of formal jobs, infrastructure and exchange of knowledge, impacting innovation in a positive manner that results in a cultural revolution impacting people´s lifestyles (improving them) and thus enhancing cooperation and commitment amongst countries," said Patricia Esqueda U.S. Grains Council Marketing Specialist. "This is a strategic relation where we need each other to achieve a win-win situation.”

 Mexican Trade Team