Seven Apps for Today's Growers

In the past, farmers were faced with relying solely on their agronomist or crop consultant to come to their field and evaluate an issue. This is no longer the case. Farmers have the technology available at their fingertips, whether using an Apple or Android device. Below are a few apps sorghum farmers may take advantage of:

#1 Tank Mix Calculator (App Store) (Google Play)

Tank Mix Screenshot Tank Mix Screenshot Tank Mix Screenshot Tank Mix Screenshot

With this app, a farmer could enter acreage, tank size and spray volume to calculate the number of spay loads needed. This app allows farmers to build tank mixes, to save or edit, and builds a spray recipe from a database of 12,000+ pesticides.

#2 Spray Select (App Store)

 Spray Select Spray Select Spray Select Spray Select

The TeeJet Technologies SpraySelect App allows for a quick and easy way to choose the proper tip or nozzle. The app has eight different droplet size classifications and will recommend the type of tip designed to deliver the desired droplet size. Select the speed, spacing and target rate. Then select the drop size category needed and a list of applicable tips pops up.  

#3 AgPhD - Fertilizer Removal (App Store) (Google Play)

Fertilizer Removal

The AgPhD app helps plan fertilizer application to a farm. Simply select a crop and the desired yield for the crop, and the app will give a number of vital crop nutrients to achive the desired yield. Results can be saved within the app and e-mailed.

#4 AgPhD - Harvest Loss Calculator (App Store) (Google Play)

Harvest Loss

The Harvest Loss Calculator helps to determine the amount of crop you are leaving in the field after harvest by selecting the crop and inputting the number of seeds in a square foot. The app returns a harvest loss calculation in both bushels and pounds-per-acre.

#5 Weed ID by Monsanto (App Store) (Google Play)

Weed ID Screenshot Weed ID Screenshot Weed ID Screenshot Weed ID Screenshot

Weed ID can help farmers identify weeds in the field. It will help to identify and map weeds and weed trends on the farm year after year. The Weed ID app looks at weeds based on key characteristic selections that are identified. Search for weeds, view the weed database and provide detailed descriptions and photos of the weeds. The "Map It" section of the app uses a WiFi connection and GPS coordinates to map and track the weed pressures that have been identified year-over-year. 

#6 Canopeo (App Store) (Google Play)


Canopeo is a rapid and accurate green canopy cover measurement tool. Use this app to quantify the percent canopy cover of live green vegetation for any agricultural crop, turf or grassland based on photos taken with a phone. Canopeo allows a farmer to accurately determine the percent canopy cover in real-time, so it can precisely monitor crop progress and make informed management decisions.

#7 onX Hunt (App Store) (Google Play)

OnX Hunt

This GPS app allows the user to view private and public land ownership maps, roads, U.S. topographic maps and more. The aerial view maps provide a way to easily calculate distances, mark custom waypoints, and measure acreage. This app could be useful to farmers in viewing the ownership of neighboring farms to gain knowledge of who to contact with questions about the crops and technology present in the field. In turn, a farmer has more information when planning for spraying and in preventing off-target contact.

These apps are all available for download on your phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play. These apps are only a few of many available resources to farmers in our world of technology and the possibilities are endless for agriculturalists in terms of apps to choose from.