Evaluation of saflufenacil and pyrasulfotole herbicides for crop tolerance and weed control in sorghum

Project Details

  • Brent Bean
  • Texas AgriLife Extension
  • $18,000
  • Year: 2009


Project Summary

Due to the lack of registration of new herbicides in sorghum over the last 20+ years, producers must rely on a limited selection of chemicals for effective, economical weed control in sorghum. Weed control is always stated in surveys as one of the major concerns producers have in growing sorghum. For this reason, one of the goals of the USCP is to have new weed and grass control options utilized on 50% of the sorghum acres by 2015. This study will evaluate two new herbicides, saflufenacil and pyrasulfotole, for use in sorghum in the High Plains region. It is anticipated that each will be registered in 2011. Trials will conducted to 1) evaluate broadleaf weed and grass control efficacy, 2) crop tolerance as affected by soil texture, 3) appropriate application rates and timings, 4) tank mix partners, and 5)economics of weed control systems using these new herbicides. Information gained will be communicated to producers and consultants through presentations, publications, and media.