Continue Expanded Grain Sorghum Hybrid Testing—West Texas

Project Details

  • Calvin Trostle
  • Texas AgriLife Extension Service/TAMUS
  • $19,705
  • Year: 2010


Project Summary

This project is a renewal/refinement request of numerous objectives and sorghum test sites in West Texas that were initially funded by USCP in 2009. In particular, this includes regions of Texas that are underserved by Texas AgriLife, including the Rolling Plains and Concho Valley, where in each case no field testing on grain sorghum had occurred in recent memory and minimal Extension efforts were made. Continued hybrid testing efforts are also focused on the area around an all-sorghum ethanol plant in Hockley Co. This proposed work continues sorghum hybrid testing by diversifying planting dates (but with fewer hybrids—we believe that an additional planting date will increase chances of carrying at least one dryland test site per region to harvest) for the Vernon/Chillicothe area, Ballinger/San Angelo area, Lamesa, and Hockley Co. (We have discontinued our work in partnering for supplemental funding of Texas AgriLife Crop Testing hybrid sites as they will establish a new fee structure to reflect their limited resources and testing capability.) Furthermore, an objective requested by USCP and implemented in 2009, testing of maturation of late planted hybrids at Lubbock, will be continued. An agronomic component combining deep soil sampling with N & P fertility in a sorghum/cotton rotation is added for the Concho Valley. Finally, in lieu of the dearth of sorghum relevant, updated sorghum information available to sorghum producers in underserved regions like the northern Rolling Plains and the Concho Valley, project personnel will collaborate to develop an Extension workshop program in these and two additional sorghum regions. These workshops will serve as the impetus to compile and update relevant grain sorghum production information for producers. In addition, summarized data will be available annually on the Soil and Crops Variety Trials web site (