Sorghum Checkoff Commits $350,000 to Sugarcane Aphid Control

The Sorghum Checkoff in collaboration with Dow AgroSciences announced today a national endeavor geared toward addressing scientific and educational needs as they relate to controlling the sugarcane aphid in U.S. sorghum production.

“The sugarcane aphid has proven to be one of the most significant pests to sorghum in recent history,” said Justin Weinheimer, Sorghum Checkoff crop improvement director. “The Sorghum Checkoff board of directors invested $350,000 in this project to ensure farmers have the tools they need to be successful.”

This multistate effort seeks to better understand key management protocols, efficacy, susceptible baselines, optimal spray thresholds and other efforts to efficiently manage the sugarcane aphid. To accomplish this, numerous leading scientific and entomology cooperators within 12 states will partner with the Sorghum Checkoff and Dow AgroSciences to answer a series of key questions and provide solutions following a yearlong time frame.

“Dow AgroSciences is proud to partner with the Sorghum Checkoff on this initiative,” said Phil Jost, Dow AgroSciences insecticides marketing leader. “This industry collaboration will help sorghum growers have access to the latest resources and protocols to effectively combat this troublesome pest that, if left untreated, can be devastating to crop yields.”

“The Sorghum Checkoff is confident the collaborating partners and Dow AgroSciences will deliver answers to best management practices regarding sugarcane aphids,” Weinheimer said, “Our goal is to provide U.S. sorghum farmers with the most accurate and up-to-date information and education tools to combat this pest and sustain sorghum’s role as a viable and profitable crop option.”