Sorghum Checkoff Launches Sorghum Recipe Showdown

The Sorghum Checkoff launched its first Sorghum Recipe Showdown this month, asking people across the country to create their best sorghum recipes.

“This is a great opportunity for people to explore the benefits and versatility of cooking with sorghum,” said Doug Bice, Sorghum Checkoff high value markets director. “Sorghum has really taken off as a food ingredient, and this recipe contest will help express why sorghum is the smart choice for all your culinary needs.”

The contest will take place throughout the month of July. Participants can enter recipes with sorghum utilizing it as a whole or pearled grain, flour, syrup, popped, flaked or bran.

To enter the Sorghum Recipe Showdown, participants must submit their entry form, original recipe and a high resolution photo. Alternatively, participants may post the recipe with a photo of the dish on their blog and then Pin the recipe to Pinterest with the tag #tastesorghum in the description. All entries must be posted and submitted or pinned between July 1, 2015, and July 31, 2015.

“We have some great prizes for winners,” Bice said. “First place will take home $500 cash, second place will win a custom Dutch oven, and third place will receive a Sorghum: The Smart Choice® apron. I would encourage everyone to get involved whether this will be your first or 100th time to cook with sorghum.”

Winners will be announced on September 1, 2015. Visit for full contest details.