Re-Instatement of the Sorghum Conversion Program

Project Details

  • Fred Miller
  • MMR Genetics, LLC
  • $115,000 (multi-year project)
  • Year: 2009


Project Summary

This project focuses on the conversion of valuable tropical Sorghum bicolor (L.) Monech germplasm to short stature, early flowering cultivars with an emphasis on improving access to major heterotic groups and the subsequent increased grain yield that could be obtained through new superior higher yielding sorghum hybrids. The overall goal of this project is to continue the process of converting useful, potentially higher yielding alien sorghum germplasm, while maintaining an emphasis on expediting the timeline to release converted materials through modifications to the classical breeding scheme and implementing the use of molecular markers. The products from this proposal will be improved sorghum germplasm, new breeding methodologies for rapid conversion of tropical accessions, and the potential to release new germplasm from superior heterotic groups resulting in a marked increase in hybrid grain yields.