Leadership Sorghum Class II 2014-2015

Leadership Sorghum Class II

Back Row (R to L) Lee Whitaker, Lance Russell, Craig Poore, Nathan Larson, Casey Crossland, Josh Birdwell, Joel Spring, Joe Rohrbach, Carlton Bridgeforth. (Front Row R to L) Greg Glover, Kent Martin, Kelsey Baker, Jessie Wyrill, Chris Robinson, Dan Atkisson

Meet the Members of Class II

Dan and Amanda Atkisson are from Stockton, Kansas where they operate a cattle and row crop operation, growing grain and forage sorghum, wheat, hay as well as running a commercial and registered Angus cow/calf herd.

Kelsey and Garrett Baker live in Western Kansas where they farm wheat, sorghum, fallow rotation. They also contract with NuLife Market, a specialty gluten-free sorghum facility and grow high value white sorghum.

Josh Birdwell farms in Hill County Texas and is in partnership with is grandparents. They operate 6,000 acres of cotton, corn, wheat and grain sorghum.

Carlton Bridgeforth farms with his family near Tanner, Alabama. Bridgeforth Farms is a fourth generation farming operation and currently manage 10,000 acres.

Casey Crossland farms with his father and brothers in Trego County Kansas where they farm wheat and grain sorghum. In addition to the farming operation, Casey serves as the local Dupont Pioneer Sales Representative for the area.

Greg and Vanda Glover farm in Parmer, Randall and Collingsworth counties in Texas. They raise irrigated sorghum silage, seed sorghum, corn, cotton and wheat. Along with the row crops, the Glovers operate a small stocker cattle herd.

Nathan Larson operates a diversified farming operation in Riley, Kansas, where he raises sorghum, corn, wheat, soybeans, oats and alfalfa. He also runs a cow/calf herd and a small hear of meat goats.

Kent Martin farms a no-till rotation of canola, wheat, grain sorghum near Carmen, Oklahoma. A portion of the farm is devoted to beef cattle, which involves pedigreed rye seed production, grazing wheat and rye and a cow/calf operation on native grass pasture.

Craig and his wife Heather, along with his parents, operate 9,000 acres in Osborne County Kansas. The farming operation has been 100% no-till since 2004. Alongside his sorghum, corn, wheat and soybeans, the Poore’s raise alfalfa, brome and prairie hay.

Chris Robinson farms in Union County Kentucky, where he raises grains sorghum, corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa. He also runs a custom farming business along with a registered cattle herd.

Joe Rohrbach farms irrigated and dry land crops in Deaf Smith County Texas. His operation consists of sorghum and wheat. He also runs a stocker cattle herd.

Lance Russell operation Legacy Farms, which has grown from 100 acres to just under 3,500 acres in the last 14 years. He raises wheat, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, forage sorghum and grain sorghum outside of Hays, Kansas.

Joel Spring farms with his family in southern Iowa, where they raise grain sorghum, soybeans, and corn. They also raise purebred Berkshire hogs.

Lee Whitaker farms with his father in Armstrong County Texas. The Whitakers also run an Angus herd and own a farm and ranch real estate brokerage business.

Jessie and her husband Jake Wyrill are part of a fifth generation farm based near Kirwin, Kansas. The operation consists of almost 20,000 acres of farmland and pasture. In addition to farming, the family runs an Angus/Hereford cattle herd.