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If you’re looking to buy sorghum products, you’ve come to the right place. You can purchase sorghum grain and other products from any of our quality partners.

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If you can’t find sorghum at your favorite grocery store, simply ask for it at the customer service counter. The store may ask you to send a formal request to their corporate office. Until they start stocking it, know that you can always find your favorite sorghum products from our online partners or look for these brands that have sorghum as an ingredient.

Write your own personal message, or simply copy and paste our message in an email to your favorite grocer!

Dear Grocer,

I’m a grocery shopper in (city), (state) and visit (supermarket name) at (location) for my food purchases. I’m looking to buy sorghum (grain, flour, syrup) and am writing to request that your store carry the product. Sorghum is a healthy grain that helps me add variety to meals for my family and friends. I would appreciate it if I could make my sorghum purchases from your local store.

Sorghum is growing in demand, and in addition to having sorghum as an ingredient in your store, sorghum is also available in a number of products. See the brands that include sorghum here.

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