Markets Overview

In the United States and other countries across the globe, sorghum grain is primarily used for livestock feed and ethanol production but is becoming popular in the consumer food industry and other emerging markets. Sorghum’s versatility gives it the flexibility to reach beyond traditional marketplaces, further enhancing producer profitability.

Dairy & Beef

Grain and forage sorghum have a longstanding history in cattle production and offer an advantage of reducing ration cost. Studies indicate sorghum has similar production performance and comparable energy content to other feed grains when processed properly.

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Grain sorghum and sorghum DDGS are an excellent and cost effective energy source for swine production that can completely replace other grains in feed. Sorghum offers a favorable digestible amino acid profile, available phosphorus content and fatty acid profile.

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Sorghum can be used as a primary ingredient in poultry feed rations. The digestibility of crude protein and amino acids in sorghum are favorable to comparable grains.

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Sorghum is highly effective at helping meat ducks gain weight in an efficient way when added to rations in place of corn. Studies show it’s a low cost way to support nutritional needs.

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Pet Food Production

Sorghum processes well into pet food applications and is environmentally friendly, and is now being utilized by 15 pet food companies in more than 150 products. Sorghum is the resource-conserving ingredient that is a friend to land and water.

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After years of strategic planning and vision, a new market was recently explored that shows potential to bring producers more value for their sorghum crop in aquaculture markets. 100% of U.S. sorghum is non-GMO and contains greater digestible phosphorus compared to corn.

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Foodservice Pros

Sorghum is an excellent whole grain option for the foodservice sector and provides a variety of cooking uses while meeting consumer dietary needs. Naturally gluten-free and non-GMO, sorghum’s robust nutrient profile includes more natural antioxidants than blueberries or pomegranates.

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Renewable Energy

In the ethanol industry, the Sorghum Checkoff is focusing on developing direct awareness of the benefits of using sorghum as fuel and feedstock.

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U.S. Sorghum is Tannin Free!

The Truth About Tannins

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The Sorghum Checkoff is actively engaged with many international markets, promoting the value of U.S. sorghum abroad. In fact, the U.S. is the top exporter of grain sorghum, accounting for nearly 75 percent of global trade.

Ag Transportation

The United States has invested in a transportation infrastructure—truck, barge and rail—that gives its agricultural producers a competitive advantage in transportation costs.

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Sorghum Grading

Quality is a top priority for U.S. sorghum farmers. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration established specific sorghum grading requirements.

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Export Sorghum

Export Sorghum is an exclusive, one-day educational seminar for grain buyers from around the world who are currently, or interested in purchasing U.S. grain sorghum.

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Supplier Directory

The go-to source for sorghum producers looking for new markets and international buyers looking for grain. Search our supplier directory to connect with producers, manufacturers and users near you.

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