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In the United States and other countries across the globe, sorghum grain is primarily used for livestock feed and ethanol production but is becoming popular in the consumer food industry and other emerging markets. Sorghum’s versatility gives it the flexibility to reach beyond traditional marketplaces, further enhancing producer profitability. Discover more about sorghum’s innovation.

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The Sorghum Checkoff has staff located across the U.S. with the purpose of identifying, developing and providing expertise to key marketplaces both domestically and internationally. The staff works with producers, end users and other value-chain segments to establish marketing opportunities for all parties, creating long-term relationships. If you are a producer looking to sell your grain or an end user looking to purchase, contact one of the staff below. View our entire staff here.

Zach Simon

Director of Ingredient Utilization & Pet Food

Shelee Padgett

Director of Emerging Markets & Grower Leader Development

Brent Crafton

Director of Feed Ingredient Utilization

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Are you a sorghum producer looking for new markets? Are you an international buyer looking for grain? Search our directory below to connect with producers, manufacturers and users of sorghum and more.