Export Sorghum

Export Sorghum

About Export Sorghum

Export Sorghum is an exclusive, one-day educational seminar for grain buyers from around the world who are currently, or interested in purchasing U.S. grain sorghum. The event is jointly hosted by the Sorghum Checkoff, Kansas Grain Sorghum and Texas Grain Sorghum Producers.

Export Sorghum is centered around creating networking opportunities while providing both domestic and international grain buyers with insight on sorghum markets, trade opportunities, contract education and logistics. This is a one-of-a-kind event is solely focused on providing buyers with information to help them make the smart choice for their feed grain solutions.

The Sorghum Checkoff is dedicated to building strong relationships between buyers and sellers, resulting in continued sorghum sales. Sharing how sorghum is the smart choice will continue to be a leading theme in the checkoff’s mission in increasing producer profitability.

I think with rapid growth in the Chinese feed industry, sorghum is a promising feed material for our company. The cost of grain sorghum is competitive and the nutrition is high for livestock feed production.Paul Huang, Jun Jie Agricultural Trading Co.

We think more and more sorghum will be substituted. Even though the price, the basis of sorghum is very high, we still want to import. So we think more and more sorghum will come into China and we will buy and import sorghum also. Qin Zhao, New Hope Group

The feed industry in Mexico is an industry that is still growing and it is growing with a rate above the population growth. Sorghum is a great feed ingredient and it’s traditionally cheaper than other grains, and it’s easily accessible and easy to manage and store. Javier Chavez, U.S. Grains Council

2019 Export Sorghum agenda and attendee list.

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