Popped Sorghum and Roasted Root Vegetable


A close-up of a plate of popped sorghum, roasted root vegetables, and a tahini sauce. The dish is a good source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is also relatively low in calories and fat.

This recipe for popped sorghum and roasted root vegetables is a delicious and healthy dish that is perfect for a weeknight meal. The popped sorghum adds a crunchy texture to the dish, while the roasted root vegetables add a sweetness and depth of flavor. The tahini sauce ties everything together and gives the dish a creamy, flavorful finish.

Ingredients 25 servings 50 servings 75 Servings 100 Servings
Pearled Sorghum Grain, Gluten Free 709.375 gram(s) 1.419 kilogram(s) 2.128 kilogram(s) 2.838 kilogram(s)
Pepper, Bell or Sweet, Red 1.563 pint(s) 1.563 quart(s) 2.344 quart(s) 3.125 quart(s)
Squash, Yellow, Sliced, Frozen or Fresh 1.563 pint(s) 1.563 quart(s) 2.344 quart(s) 3.125 quart(s)
Fingerling Potatoes 2.344 pound(s) 4.688 pound(s) 7.031 pound(s) 9.375 pound(s)
Beets, fresh skin on 1.563 pint(s) 1.563 quart(s) 2.344 quart(s) 3.125 quart(s)
Oil, Olive 6.250 fluid ounce(s) 1.563 cup(s) 1.172 pint(s) 1.563 pint(s)


  • See above table for scaled ingredient requirements


  1. In an oven proof pan, roast the root vegetables; red pepper, squash and fingerling potatoes at 350 degrees coated with olive oil until fork tender.
  2. The fresh beets roast them separately for about 45 minutes and remove the skins with paper towels as they will be quite hot and cut into quarters.
  3. Pop the sorghum grain in a stainless steel pot with oil on medium heat and set aside when all kernels are popped.
  4. Mix all vegetables together and add popped sorghum grains and season to taste with salt and pepper.

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