The Sorghum Checkoff is actively engaged with many international markets, promoting the value of U.S. sorghum abroad. In fact, the U.S. is the top exporter of grain sorghum, accounting for nearly 75 percent of global trade. Active marketplaces such as Mexico, China, Japan, as well as new and emerging international customers, continue to remain a priority of the Sorghum Checkoff. As demand continues to increase internationally, the checkoff seeks to understand the dynamics at work while facilitating relationships and logistics that ultimately result in international purchases. Increasing international demand coupled with a strong domestic demand portfolio will undoubtedly strengthen producer opportunities.

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History of Sorghum Exports

Collaboration with the U.S. Grains Council

The Sorghum Checkoff works in conjunction with the U.S. Grains Council to explore and develop overseas market for sorghum. Checkoff dollars support general activities of the Council as well as a full-time USGC employee whose primary responsibility is to expand sorghum markets. Approximately, 30 trade teams comprising of more than 200 visitors from Australia, China, Columbia, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Taiwan have visited the U.S. to learn about sorghum. To help develop marketplaces internationally, 25 visits totaling more than 100 meetings have taken place in Australia, China, Columbia, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Panama, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Taiwan. The Sorghum Checkoff and U.S. Grains Council will continue monitoring the international marketplace for opportunities to share sorghum's story abroad. Read the 2016/2017 Sorghum Harvest Quality Report by the U.S. Grains Council here.