Sorghum: Amercica's Next Biofuel Crop

The Sorghum Checkoff announced a $500,000 investment in sorghum research, made at the inaugural Transportation Energy Resources from Renewable Agriculture program field day.

What Fuels You?

Reducing our environmental footprint. Protecting resources. Doing more with less. Discover more about sorghum's use as a renewable fuel.

Join Leadership Sorghum Class III

Throughout the duration of the class, participants will be exposed to various aspects of the industry from basic research to international marketing.

Cooking with Sorghum in 60 Seconds: Sorghum Flour Blend

Sorghum is a great alternative for people looking to add an ancient, nutritious whole grain to their diet. Utilize this sorghum flour blend in your favorite baked goods.

Sugarcane Aphid: Scout Early & Often

The most important aspect in dealing with the sugarcane aphid is scouting. With early detection, producers are able to start a scouting schedule and a management plan.

Sugarcane Aphid: Spray Thresholds

The recommended threshold for spraying is 100 aphids per leaf on a plant, on at least 10 plants across the field.

Scallop Ceviche with Crisp Sorghum

The Sorghum Checkoff paired with the Overton Hotel's Chef Resznay Skinner to prepare this delightful dish. This dish is wonderful as an appetizer or can be added to any component of a meal.

Export Sorghum

The Sorghum Checkoff and Texas Grain Sorghum Producers jointly hosted the first Export Sorghum, an exclusive, two-day seminar for U.S. buyers of grain sorghum from across the world, in 2015.

Standing Against the Pest: Managing the Sugarcane Aphid

An intensive look into what the latest is in combating the sugarcane aphid across the country, industry professionals speak about the research taking place.

Sorghum: The Smart Choice for Pet Food

Dr. Greg Aldrich discusses sorghum's properties as it relates to pet food during SuperZoo. Sorghum is positioned for pet food industry success.

Cooking with Sorghum in 60 Seconds: Pearled Sorghum

Sorghum is a great alternative for people looking to add an ancient, nutritious whole grain to their diet. Utilize pearled sorghum in soups, on salads and more.

Sugarcane Aphid: Chemicals & Hybrids

There are several possible insecticide options available to control the sugarcane aphid, but in 2015 Sivanto Prime and Transform proved to be the most effective labeled products.

Sorghum: A Rising Crop for the Mid-Atlantic

The Mid-Atlantic Feed Grain Initiative has challenged producers to increase local grain production in order to meet regional demand.

Kansas Sorghum: Rain or Shine

With depleting water sources and enhanced drought situations, more and more growers are making the decision to plant grain sorghum. Rain or shine, sorghum is the smart choice.

Sorghum: The Smart Choice

The inherent tolerance of sorghum to marginal lands and environmental conditions, its versatility as a food and feed grain, and its ability to produce high yields, make sorghum the smart choice for farmers and end-users.

Trail Creek Pet Center Pet Food Testimonial

Sorghum is growing in popularity as an ingredient used in pet food. Pam Boyer and Sydney Wilcox find sorghum to be the smart choice for their animals.

SuperZoo Highlights Sorghum's Many Uses

Sorghum is postured for success in many markets. High Value Markets Director Doug Bice and Regional Director Jesse McCurry report on current market.

Sugarcane Aphid: Continue to Monitor Fields

A few aphids does not mean crop failure or a need to spray immediately. It means scout more often. Once aphids have been found, check fields every 3 days.

Sugarcane Aphid: Populations Grow Quickly

Because of the quick reproduction cycle of the aphid, its population can grow from a few aphids to a full infestation within a 10-day period if no action is taken.

Sorghum: The Smart Choice for Exports

As China, Japan, Mexico and other countries turn to sorghum, exports of U.S. sorghum are expected to remain in high demand.

Sorghum: An Ancient, Healthy, Whole Grain

Sorghum is an ancient grain with a wonderful nutty taste in many preparations. As a healthy whole grain and gluten-free flour option for baking, sorghum is a very versatile grain. Learn more about sorghum’s origins and production.

Sorghum: The Smart Choice for Your Market

Sorghum is the smart choice for a variety of uses in several markets, including livestock feeding, pet food, ethanol production, green chemicals and the gluten-free food industry.