Spending time with family around the dinner table is precious. Every family has special Easter recipes they like to serve each year, usually with a traditional ham at the center of the table. Why not try something different this year by integrating sorghum into your family’s favorites? We’ve compiled some of our favorite spring dishes that can be mixed up with a little creativity.


Stuffed Mini Peppers – These little sweet and savory bites integrate so many fun flavors. The pepper adds a great crunch and the pear and brie cheese combination brings a juxtaposition of sweet and tangy. These peppers also make a great finger food, which means less dishes to clean!

Pearled Sorghum Hummus – While typically hummus is made using chickpeas, this fun twist from Nu Life Market integrates sorghum and is perfect to serve alongside a platter of crudites. This is a perfect place to display an array of colorful spring crispy vegetables.

Sorghum Salad with Cucumbers, Avocados and Cherry Tomatoes – This fresh salad from Martha Rose Shulman is a great option to start off a meal. Served in individual romaine lettuce boats with a light dressing, it has easy divided serving sizes and carries a lot of flavor packed into each bite.


Citrus Salad with Popped Sorghum – There is so much crunch in this side salad! Leafy greens, a mixture of citrus and topped with popped sorghum, these ingredients all tie together for a memorable flavor combination.

Sorghum Pilaf with Roasted Asparagus – Substituting sorghum for the typical rice in this pilaf dish provides a nice nutty addition. If you cook the sorghum ahead of time and freeze it, the whole dish can be complete in 20 minutes or less!

Beet Sorghum Risotto – Beets give a striking color to this sweet, creamy risotto from Chef Michelle Bernstein. The recipe for this dish is rather straightforward, although you might want to wear gloves to avoid carrying the purple color on your hands for the entire holiday.


Sorghum Custard Cream – This sweet dish is reminiscent of a yogurt or pudding and utilizes sorghum flour as part of the ingredient list. Topped with a few fresh berries, this would be a sweet ending to a delicious Easter meal.

Carrot Cake – Perfect for springtime, this carrot cake from Hugo’s Restaurant is a great gluten-free alternative to the traditional recipe, which is great for those with celiac disease

Lemon Cake Bites – These zingy treats from Nu Life Market are the perfect finger-friendly treat to enjoy after a decadent meal. Everyone will love these miniature bites dusted in powdered sugar as a sweet finale.